Computation & Problem Solving Practice Test

This is a short math practice test covering computation and problem solving.


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#1 Keiko spent the day bird watching and counted 34 more birds in the morning than in the afternoon. If she counted a total of 76 birds, how many birds did she count in the afternoon?

21 birds is correct

#2 The expression –105 + (–14) + 34 simplifies to which of the following?

-85 is correct

#3 A teacher has three packages of stickers. One package contains 56 stickers, another package contains 48 stickers, and the third package contains 58 stickers. If the teacher divides all the stickers equally among 27 students, how many stickers will each student receive?

6 stickers is correct

#4 Last week Mario walked 7 3/4 miles. This week he walked 15 5/6 miles. What is the difference between the distance he walked this week and the distance he walked last week?

8 1/12 miles is correct

#5 A sporting goods store is offering a 10% discount on in-line skates that normally cost $110.99. How much will the in-line skates cost with the discount, not including tax?

$ 99.89 is correct

#6 At the beginning of a class period, half of the students in a class go to the library. Later in the period, half of the remaining students go to the computer lab. If there are 8 students remaining in the class, how many students were originally in the class?

32 students is correct

#7 Peter works 38 hours per week and earns $7.25 per hour. His employer gives him a raise that increases his weekly gross pay to $307.80. What is the increase in Peter’s weekly gross pay?

$ 32.30 is correct

#8 Solve for y when y – 2 + 3y = 10

3 is correct

#9 Tony buys 4 notebooks for $3.50 each at a store. The next day he returns to the store and exchanges the notebooks for 3 notebooks that have gone on sale for $1.75 each. Antonio uses the following expression to calculate the amount of money he should receive back from the exchange. (4 Γ— $3.50) – (3 Γ— $1.75) Which of the following expressions could Antonio have also used?

3($3.50 – $1.75) + $3.50 is correct



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