Plumbing Practice Test

Welcome to our basic plumbing practice test. Plumbing is a great career to choose since it’s one of the highest paying skilled trade careers. While some of these plumber practice test questions may appear in some form on your actual exam these are strictly for practice. Plus, they’re kind of fun.


You passed plumbing genius!

You did not pass but don\’t fret, that\’s what plumber training is for.

#1. What valve would you use to tap into an existing pipe?

Don’t worry, you’ll get it next time.

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Basic plumbing practice test has questions and answers related to what you learn at plumbing trade school program, technical college and during apprenticeship. To work as a plumber, you’ll need to take a certification exam. Thinking about school? Find a trade school near you.

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This is a practice test and not official, it is for entertainment purposes only.