ASE E2 Electrical/Electronic Systems Installation & Repair Practice Test

This ASE E2 practice exam will test your knowledge of general electrical diagnosis, battery system, auxiliary electric power units, charging systems, lighting systems, associated electrical circuits and components.


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#1. A bed cap (topper) being installed on a pickup body does not have a center, high-mounted stop lamp (CHMSL). The truck, itself, is equipped with a CHMSL. Technician A says that a CHMSL is required if the vehicle gross weight rating is 10,000 lbs or less. Technician B says that CHMSL is required if the vehicle is over 80 inches (203 cm) wide. Who is right?

A only is correct

#2. A technician finds that when the liftgate is operated, there is a 2-volt drop between the liftgate motor and the battery. Which of these could be the cause?

The supply cable gauge is too small is correct

#3. The “body up” indicator lamp does not function. Technician A says that an open switch could be the cause. Technician B says that a corroded connector could be the cause. Who is right?

Both A and B is correct

#4. When performing a battery capacity (load, high-rate discharge) test on a 900 CCA battery, the load applied should be:

450 amps is correct

#5. Warning lights and buzzers can be switched through any of these EXCEPT a:

diode is correct


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This is not an official test, it is a practice test based on the official study guide. Use it for entertainment only.