If you’re considering training for a new career in the skilled trades or medical field, you don’t have to quit your day job. There are many programs that are designed for working adults to further their education. In this article we’ll discuss things like the types of programs you can choose, the length of the programs, job prospects, and alternative class scheduling options.

HVAC TechnologyHVAC technician training is a great skilled trade for an adult to consider, especially one who’s mechanically inclined. If you’re currently working in an unskilled construction job, your experience around the jobsite will definitely be a plus during training.

An HVAC tech certificate program can be completed in about 6 months, and most schools offering HVAC training also have evening classes.

Medical Assisting – Medical assisting is another good program to consider if you’re already working a job. The job outlook for medical assisting is very  good. The BLS projects employment in this career to grow much faster than average at 14% over the next decade.

A diploma in medical assisting takes about 10 months to earn, and classes can commonly be taken all online. Taking an online program can be a great way to study for a new career while maintaining a job, since you can study whenever you have the free time.

Electrical TechnologyElectrical technology, like HVAC, is another good program  for people who like to work with their hands and are mechanically inclined. An electrical technology program is relatively  fast (the fastest ones normally take about 10 months to finish).

Many classes in an electrical technology program can be taken online, though there may be some that can only be completed ‘in the lab’. Read about what an electrical tech program is like.

Medical Insurance Billing – Medical billing is another program in the medical field that deserves strong consideration from adults looking to transition into a medical career. Employment in medical records is projected to grow 8% over the next decade, which translates to about 15,000 job openings each year on average.

Medical billing and coding programs can be very fast and are often completely online. It can take under 6 months to complete the fastest medical billing programs.  Alternatively, you could choose to earn an associate’s degree in this field and that would take close to 2 years.

Of course there are many other programs offered by trade schools. Most of these programs are faster than traditional colleges, and have scheduling choices that will work for someone with a full-time job.

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