There are some scholarships specifically for Women. For full-time, female students who are entering fields where Women aren’t well-represented such as economics, engineering and sciences, data security and others there’s the American Association of University Women, Application deadline, January 10th.

There are also female-specific scholarships available for Women entering the culinary arts career field, such as those awarded by the Culinary Institute of America (CIA). These are merit-based and the student must carry a high GPA of 3.2.

Horizon Scholarship for Women in Defense for females headed into criminal justice, engineering, computer & IT or any other field of study. Recent scholarship winners went into fields like homeland security, data science, robotics, international economics and national security policy!

Good sites for finding more scholarship information

  • Fast Web – targeted scholarship search,
  • Cappex – match with potential scholarships by filling out a form.
  • Chegg – match with scholarships by career goals.

Do you know some great resources? Add them in a comment!


last edited: 10/23/18

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