Precision Production Training

Find accredited precision production and manufacturing technology training programs at local trade schools and online technical colleges. Financial aid is available for those who qualify and most colleges have services like job placement too.

“What is the average salary of precision production careers?”

For as many job titles that can be listed under the precision production heading, there are equally as many average salaries, ranging from the mid-$20Ks-$70Ks. Much of the salary will be based on your location, the industry you’re employed in, and how much experience you bring to the table.

“How do I get into Precision Production?”

Craftspeople unite! There are courses offered in many trade schools and community colleges where you will be able to get a certificate or associate’s degree allowing you to take your passion from a hobby to a career.

  • Although it’s not altogether necessary, get your high school diploma or GED.
  • Know basic math, especially geometry, and understand how to use computers.
  • Most precision production careers are very hands on, so they will require a certain degree of skill and stamina.
  • Find an internship or apprenticeship.
  • Or start out as an apprentice.
  • Depending on which precision production you specialize it will determine what type of career you can get into.

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Colleges with Precision Production Training Programs

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Find specialized technician training for precision production and manufacturing at a local school or with online classes. Search about 200 skilled trades, medical and other vocational technical programs through the widget.