Online Biology Technician Degree

Find an online biology technician degree program accredited in your state,  associate of arts and bachelor’s degrees are available in this field. Biology technicians help biologists with important tasks and study. They work at colleges and universities, in governments and any other business that includes a research lab.

Accelerated and hybrid (classroom/online) class options are available at some schools. Use the search app to choose a school.

What exactly does a biology technician do?

  • Prepare and analyze specimens
  • Research, and research of research (and more research)
  • Conduct experiments
  • Monitor experiments
  • Conduct programs
  • Set up and maintenance of equipment
  • Write grants

Biology technicians usually work as part of a team in a lab doing research and experiments. You may be able to find a job with an associate degree, but it might prove easier if you get a bachelor’s degree. A 5 percent job growth is expected between now and 2024, with the median annual salary coming in at around $45K.[ref]