ASE B6 Damage Analysis & Estimating Practice Test

Our ASE B6 damage analysis and estimating certification practice exam will test the future estimators’ knowledge of proper analyzation and estimation of auto collision damage. “This test complements those in the Collision Repair Test Series (Tests B2 – B5)”. The collision study guide is referenced below.


Winner winner chicken dinner!

Did not pass. Study guide is referenced below 🙂

#1. Inspecting the residue on a fine sandpaper after sanding a small area can be used to determine if:

the finish is a clear coat is correct

#2. The cleaning and retaping of an adhesive molding is:

not included in the R&I labor value for the molding is correct

#3. Estimator A says that some vehicles use High Strength Steel (HSS) outer body panels. Estimator B says that damaged High Strength Steel (HSS) cannot be repaired. Who is right?

A only is correct

#4. A pickup truck is hit hard at the right front wheel and tire. The steering wheel now turns without the wheels moving. Which of these is most likely damaged?

The sector shaft is correct

#5. Refinishing materials include all of these EXCEPT:

structural adhesive is correct

#6. All of these are parts of the suspension system EXCEPT the:

rotor is correct




This is not an official test it is a practice test based on the official study guide. Use it for entertainment purposes only.