What does an electromechanical tech do? Machines that can move on their own, whether it’s a robot, a submarine, or an unmanned car, still need to be repaired by someone who understands their inner workings. That duty falls on an electromechanical technician.

When it comes to their job, electromechanical technicians:

  • Can read blueprints
  • Can make sure all the specifications are being met
  • Can operate the metalworking machines
  • Inspect for defective parts
  • Repair and calibrate
  • Using the proper instruments, check for performance
  • Install and use equipment
  • Ensure robotic equipment is working
  • Make appropriate repairs to damaged equipment
  • Be able to analyze and record test results
  • Prepare written documents

How to Become an Electromechanical Technician

There is some serious training you’ll need to go through in order to work as an electromechanical tech; the equipment has a lot of moving parts that you need to be proficient in.

  • Have your high school diploma or GED.
  • Enroll in a trade school or community college for a degree or certificate in electromechanical technology.
  • Be sure that your community college program is accredited by the ABET.
  • With an associate’s degree, you’re prepped to go into a bachelor’s degree program in electrical or mechanical engineering.
  • Graduate with your associate’s degree or certification and get a job!
  • Consider going back to college for your bachelor’s degree.

How Much Electromechanical Tech’s Make

Most jobs are through large manufacturing companies or engineering firms. The highest paying industry, particularly for those who are mid level in the career, is transportation equipment manufacturing. The median annual salary is $55K, but once you’ve been working for a few years, you’ll earn an average of $85K. Top paying states are Oregon, New Mexico, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, and Massachusetts. Keep in mind that your salary may look different from the median because the factors affecting it are experience, industry, and location.

Are There Jobs Available?

Employment declines are expected, especially in the manufacturing sector. Aside from that, very slow growth is projected, with only around 500 jobs opening through 2026. But, as an electromechanical technician, your training is pretty wide spectrum, so you’ll be able to find a job within other industries where machines and computers are used. This slow growth is expected to be temporary, especially as we move toward more autonomous machines.


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