What does a statistician do? As a statistician, you may have an office as your homebase, but you also may have to do some traveling. You can expect to work full time and occasionally accumulate overtime when things get busy.

Your tasks as a statistician are:

  • Take math theories such as algebra and geometry and create new rules and theories.
  • To come up with answers to questions and problems, determine what data is necessary.
  • Practical problems in your field, whether it’s business, engineering, or others, are solved through mathematical theories.
  • Collect data through polls, surveys, and quizzes
  • Be able to interpret the data you’ve collected in order to form a conclusion.
  • Use that data to guide the business toward better decisions.

How To Become A Statistician

Employment for statisticians is projected to grow 34 percent through 2026. There are some things you must do in order to up your chances of getting into this fast growing and high paying career.

  • You’ll need a bachelor’s degree, either in statistics or something that is math-heavy.
  • Enter a grad program in statistics.
  • You can enter the workforce now, or you can choose to get your Ph.D. in statistics.
  • If your goal is to teach, then you’ll definitely need to get a Ph.D and defend your dissertation.
  • After two years, you will have to take a cumulative exam so working as a teaching assistant is a good idea for preparation.

Take courses like computer programming, computer science, engineering, and physics. You can even start in high school so you’re more prepared once you hit those college classes.

Statistician Salary

You can look forward to earning the median annual wage of $84K. Your top earning colleagues are making an average of over  $133K. You’ll find the top paying positions within the Federal Government which averages over $107K. Next up will be research and development in the physical, engineering, and life sciences where you can earn in the $90Ks.

Becoming a statistician ensures a great return on your college investment.