What does a computer programmer do? As a computer programmer your job description may include anything from this list:

  • Review the written program and confirm its requirements
  • Prepare the workflow
  • Use computer language such as C++, Java, Ruby on Rails, Python to move the workflow to the proper language
  • Update already written programs
  • Create code, test, and debug the programs
  • Work with software developers
  • To bring the code writing down to a simpler level, use a code library—collections of independent line codes
  • Work alongside software developers and others within the team
  • Create technical guide for users

Computer Programmer Education

You live for computers and math. You’re known in your circles as the coding ninja. You have a way with computer languages. And you want to work as a computer programmer. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • Finish high school with a diploma or GED.
  • Most employers prefer to hire a programmer who has a bachelor’s degree.
  • Look into a computer science or computer information systems degree.
  • Choose your area of specialization such as database development or web development.
  • Complete an internship to gain that hands-on experience.
  • Consider voluntary/optional certifications offered by vendors or for specific programming languages.
  • Advance in your career: Software developer, computer systems analyst, and computer and information systems managers are some of your advancement options.

Computer Programmer Salary Info

The median annual salary of a computer programmer was $89,190 in May 2020. The bottom 10% earned close to $51,440, and the top 10% earned over $146,050.