NATE Certification
North American Technician Excellence certification is probably the most well known and respected of the Certifications. To attain it you have to pass a knowledge-based exam, which basically means you actually have to know how to install and fix HVAC units quickly and efficiently. To be NATE Certified is a true accomplishment and Tech’s are highly regarded in the job marketplace.

EPA 608 Certification
There are 3 levels to the EPA 608 certification. Level 1 allows an HVAC technician to handle small appliances that contain less than 5 pounds of refrigerants (like a refridgerator). Level 2 allows the HVAC tech to deal with high pressure refrigerants. Level 3 allows the handling of low pressure refrigerants.

Excellence Certification
This certification is two-tiered; the professional level and the master specialist. To earn the professional level you must have a minimum of two years in the field and pass an exam in specialities like residential AC repair. To be a master specialist you must have 3 years of experience and a passing score on the exam.

Some Schools with HVAC Training

Universal Technical Institute Mechanic Programs

RSI Refrigeration School HVAC & Electrical Programs

Virginia College Trade & Technical Programs

Southern Tech Vocational and Degree Programs

Iowa Central CC Vocational & Tech Degree Programs

UEI College Vocational Training Programs

Vista College Vocational Training Programs

Fortis Vocational Training & Degree Programs

All State Career Vocational Training Programs

Institute of Technology Vocational Training Programs

Remington College Vocational Training Programs

Lincoln Tech Vocational Training Programs

Brightwood College Vocational Training Programs

More HVAC Training Programs

HVAC Trade Schools

If you own or work for an HVAC company and you hire technicians based on these certifications feel free to leave a link to your website in the comment area and tell us why.