NATE Certification – North American Technician Excellence certification is probably the most well known and respected of the Certifications. To attain it you have to pass a knowledge-based exam, which basically means you actually have to know how to install and fix HVAC units quickly and efficiently. To be NATE Certified is a true accomplishment and Tech’s are highly regarded in the job marketplace.

EPA 608 Certification – There are 3 levels to the EPA 608 certification. Level 1 allows an HVAC technician to handle small appliances that contain less than 5 pounds of refrigerants (like a refridgerator). Level 2 allows the HVAC tech to deal with high pressure refrigerants. Level 3 allows the handling of low pressure refrigerants.

Excellence Certification – This certification is two-tiered; the professional level and the master specialist. To earn the professional level you must have a minimum of two years in the field and pass an exam in specialities like residential AC repair. To be a master specialist you must have 3 years of experience and a passing score on the exam.

Some Schools with HVAC Training

UTI Mechanics Technology Courses (USA)

The Refrigeration School HVAC & Electrical Courses (Phoenix)

Virginia College Trade & Tech Courses

STC Tech, Medical & Business Courses (Florida)

ICCC Vocational & Technical Classes (Fort Dodge)

UEI Vocational Technical Training Courses

Vista College Medical/Trade/IT Classes (TX, NM)

Fortis Medical/Trade Courses (across US)

All State Career Medical & Tech Courses (MD & PA)

Institute of Technology Courses (North CA & Oregon)

Remington College Vocational Courses (across US)

Lincoln Tech Vocational Courses (across US)

Brightwood Trade-Medical-IT Courses (Campus/Online)

More HVAC Training Programs

If you own or work for an HVAC company and you hire technicians based on these certifications feel free to leave a link to your website in the comment area and tell us why.