Audiovisual Communications Degree

Find an accredited audiovisual communications degree course at an accredited local trade school or online technical college.

You might work directly with a performer, in charge of all his or her sound and lights. Or you can work for a company that specializes in AV equipment, or even a manufacturer of it. You can take this type of job in whichever direction you want to go.“[ref]

What are audio visual technician job duties?

Were you constantly tinkering with the family sound system and television, on a mission to make it have a more enjoying audio and visual experience? Was your favorite class in high school the audio visual club? You may make a great audio visual technician. Here’s what you’ll do as an AV tech:

  • Work in theaters, auditoriums, events, conferences, and more
  • Set up and fix all the audio visual equipment for events
  • Also, set up and fix all the audio visual equipment for residential and businesses
  • Take apart and fix malfunctioning and broken equipment…“[read more]

Colleges with Information & Technology Programs

This is just a sample of schools, use the search application to find your local options.

“The median wage for audio visual technician jobs is $47K, and those who get paid hourly earn $22 per hour on average. What the median means is that half of those in your profession earn more, and the other half earns less. The top paying industries are aerospace product and parts manufacturing, which pays a median of over $84K, and…”[ref]

The schools listed here are accredited and the type of accreditation is noted on each school’s page. Accredited colleges have financial aid assistance for those who qualify.

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