Online EMT Programs

Find medical trade schools and colleges with accredited emergency medical technician (EMT) basic license certification classes and advanced EMT (AEMT) training programs. EMT basic course is generally about 3 months and AEMT requires about 400 more hours of training for certification. Due to the nature of EMT training not all classes can be taken online, though hybrid courses may be available.

Schools with EMT Programs

Becoming an EMT

EMT Career Ladder

  • EMT-Basic: 1-3 months of training from an accredited school.
  • EMT-Intermediate/AEMT: 400 hours of additional training to be qualified for certification.
  • Paramedic: 6 months-2 years of education, often through an associate’s degree program.
  • Firefighter: 3-6 months of academy training with several hundred hours of field work involved.

Steps To Become An EMT

  1. High school diploma or GED
  2. Complete EMT basic training
  3. Pass state exam for certification
  4. Consider advanced EMT training, or an associate’s degree.