ASE F1 Alternate Fuels Certification Practice Test

Compressed Natural Gas Vehicle

ASE F1 Alternate Fuels Certification Practice Test will test your knowledge of the skills needed to diagnose, service, and repair compressed natural gas vehicles. Current tech’s have to retest every 5 years to keep their certification up to date, that official test is called the F1R



Did not pass, manual linked below. 😉

#1 An EPA-certified CNG system has failed emissions due to a failure of a high cost system component. The best first step in repair should be to:

check with the system manufacturer for warranty is correct

#2 Which of these should be used to check the fuel line connections after a compressed natural gas conversion?

non-ammonia soap is correct

#3 After installing a new CNG fuel tank, the technician finds that the vehicle will not accept fuel. Which of these could be the cause?

A failure to open the manual lock-down valve(s) is correct

#4 A hoop-wrapped Type-2 cylinder shows evidence of stress corrosion cracking. What should the technician do?

Remove the cylinder from service is correct

#5 A dedicated CNG vehicle has a no-start condition. All of these could be the cause EXCEPT:

recurved timing is correct




This is not an official test it is a practice test based on the official study guide. Use it for entertainment purposes only.


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