The Blue Collar Recruiter & Virtual Trade School

The Blue Collar Recruiter & Virtual Trade School has online skilled trade programs including HVAC technician, electrical, and plumbing. These online skilled trade training programs are offered in multiple states across the U.S.

Use the search application and choose from HVAC technician, electrical, and plumbing to connect with The Blue Collar Recruiter & Virtual Trade School,

Online Skilled Trade Programs

  • HVAC Technician – Their HVAC 3D Simulation training software will teach you, step by step, all that you need to know to become successful in the HVAC field.
  • Electrical – Learn about the electrical trade through online classes, tests, evaluation and the use of Virtual Reality.
  • Plumbing – Use plumbing 3D Simulation training software to complete online classes, tests, and get evaluated on your progression.

Quote: “Are you looking for your first job? Searching for a career, good money, freedom from debt? Good education opportunities are not all packaged in 4-year degrees.”