ASE C1 Automobile Service Consultant Practice Test

The ASE C-1 practice test is based on the official manual (linked in reference) and includes testing on communications, product knowledge and shop operations.


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#1 A customer requests that the timing be adjusted on their vehicle. The service consultant should:

ask the customer about their vehicle symptoms is correct

#2 A customer comes in for a 30,000 mile service. While completing the service, the technician notes that the vehicle will soon need the front brake pads replaced. Which of these is the best way to address this need with the customer?

Call the customer and offer to complete the repair explaining why it is needed; is correct

#3 Which of these functions is performed by the engine timing belt?

It drives the camshaft is correct

#4 A vehicle’s ABS light remains on while driving. Service Consultant A says that while the light is on, the ABS system will still function. Service Consultant B says that while the light is on, the mechanical brake system will still function. Who is right?

B only is correct

#5 Service Consultant A says that maintenance schedules are most likely found in the extended warranty contract. Service Consultant B says that maintenance schedules are based on time and mileage. Who is right?

B only is correct

#6 Any of these are maintenance items EXCEPT a:

water pump leak is correct

#7 When discussing recommended repairs with the customer, the service consultant should always:

help prioritize all recommendations is correct

#8 Service consultants can judge shop capacity and work flow by:

using a service scheduling tool and tracking sold labor hours is correct




The Official ASE Study Guide of Automobile Tests is designed to help technicians study for the ASE certification tests. It covers detailed information on the technology found in most of today’s automobiles, sport utility vehicles, and light trucks.

PDF study guide:

Official test series main page:

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