ASE B2 Painting and Refinishing Practice Test

Test your knowledge of painting and refinishing cars with our ASE B2 practice test. It covers topics that will be found on the official exam because it’s based directly on the official study guide referenced below. To pass your exam you’ll need to understand surface preparation, spray gun operation, paint mixing, matching, and applying, solving paint application problems, finish defects, causes, and cures, safety precautions and more.


Winner winner chicken dinner.

That\’s why I added a link to the official study guide.

#1 Painter A says that metal conditioner should be used under plastic filler to assure proper adhesion. Painter B says that metal conditioner should be used under plastic filler only if rust is present. Who is right?

neither a nor b is correct

#2 Painter A says that primer-surfacer will dry faster if it is sprayed in several coats with flash time between coats. Painter B says that there will be less bridging if all the primer-surfacer is sprayed in one application. Who is right?

A only is correct

#3 Before applying paint, a painter should select the fluid nozzle and needle based on the:

type of coating is correct

#4 Which of these could cause swirl marks when machine polishing or glazing a clear coat?

Using a pad that is too coarse is correct

#5 To remove orange peel from a painted surface, the painter should wet sand with:

# 1200 and compound is correct

#6 Which of these should be used when refinishing a plastic part?

An adhesion promoter is correct

#7 Dirt nibs are being sanded from a metallic base coat before applying the clearcoat. Painter A says that the clearcoat may be applied directly over the sanded basecoat. Painter B says that applying another basecoat will help prevent sandscratches from appearing. Who is right?

B only is correct

#8 A quarter panel and sail panel are being prepared for a clearcoat blend. The recommended plan of repair is to:

extend the masking and clearcoat to nearest panel edge or breakpoint is correct

#9 The masking tape on a freshly painted vehicle has gotten damp overnight. The tape should be removed:

as soon as possible is correct



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This is an unofficial practice test and should be used as entertainment only.

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