Online Flight Attendant Training

Online flight attendant certification training classes at accredited trade schools and vocational colleges. Accelerated, weekend class and hybrid (classroom/online) options are available at many schools.

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Schools with Online Aviation Courses like Flight Attendant

national aviation academy“Flight attendants work onboard airplanes to make sure passengers have a safe and comfortable trip. They meet with the flight crew before each flight to discuss expected issues and ensure all items are stowed safely during flight. They also monitor passengers and look for potential threats. If passengers are injured, attendants provide basic emergency care.

A more detailed look at the responsibilities of a flight attendant:

  • Discuss cabin and weather conditions with the pilot and the rest of the onboard staff
  • Preflight equipment inspection
  • Inspect and clean the airplane cabin before and after boardings
  • Verify ticket and passenger information
  • Keep passengers calm during turbulence or other natural or unnatural occurrences
  • Relay any announcements necessary from the captain
  • Most importantly, guide passengers to safety in the event of an emergency”


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