Online Private Investigator (PI) Courses

Accredited online Private Investigator training courses and other criminal justice and law enforcement certificate, associate’s & bachelor’s degree programs. Find an online criminal justice program using the application.

Becoming a PI: “most private investigators are expected to have either an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in criminal justice of police science and most employers require training from a certified criminal justice school where you can earn your private investigator license. Many PI’s also have previous work experience in law enforcement prior to changing careers.[ref]

Colleges with Online PI Courses

Accelerated and hybrid (classroom/online) law enforcement class options are available at many schools.

More Colleges with Criminal Justice Courses

Private investigators are equipped to identify facts and analyze information that they gather, often regarding legal, financial and personal matters. Sometimes private investigators work separate from the police department and other times they work in conjunction with law enforcement to solve open or cold cases. Private investigators are often tasked with searching for a lost or missing relative, participate in gathering evidence to present at custody battles, or investigate possible incidents of insurance fraud, computer crimes and/or instances of stalking or harassment.[ref]


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