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Accredited online Parole Officer training courses and other criminal justice and law enforcement certificate classes, associate’s & bachelor’s degree programs. Fill out the application and get contacted by the criminal justice college of your choice, it’s that easy.

Salary:  Parole Officers will make a median annual salary of close to $50,000. The top 10% will make over $80,000 annually.[ref]

Colleges with Online Parole Officer Programs

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Becoming A Parole Officer: “A parole officer must be 20 years old minimally. Because a bachelor’s degree is necessary for the field, a potential parole officer should focus their studies on areas such as psychology, criminal justice, criminology, social work, counseling and/or business administration. To become a parole officer on the federal level, one year of graduate work in psychology, sociology or counseling is usually required, as well. In addition to college, to become a parole officer you must have a valid driver’s license and you must attend the required certification and training course. Parole officers carry handguns in most states so …” [ref]


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