Correctional Officer Training

Find an accredited correctional officer training program at a local trade school or online criminal justice college. All listed schools are accredited and have financial aid assistance for those who qualify.

“As part of the law enforcement community, you need to be highly trained due to the stress and danger that accompanies the position.”

What does a correctional officer do?

Correctional officers work in jails and various other types of correctional facilities on a federal, state, or local government level…  Here’s a look at what your job duties will include. Keep in mind your actual tasks will be more dependent on what type of facility you’re employed at:

  • Enforce the facility’s rules to keep order.
  • Keep a watchful eye on what the inmates are doing.
  • Make sure safety standards are being adhered to.
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Colleges with Correctional Officer Programs

All schools with criminal justice courses are not listed here, use the search application for all your local options.

How can I become a correctional officer?

To become a correctional officer you’re going to need to have some serious training and educating prior to entering a correctional officer career. For starters:

  • Be between 18-21 years of age to start
  • Attend a training academy, check with your state to find out where they are
  • Have a high school diploma or GED
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