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Discover what skilled tradespeople do, how much they make, and the types of jobs their training can lead to.

What Does a Hair Stylist Do?

Q: What does a hair-stylist do? A: As a hair-stylist, you’re the first line of defense for combating bad hair days. Your clients flock to you for services such as: Advice regarding the best look…

What Does an Auto Mechanic Do?

What does an auto mechanic do? An auto mechanic’s job is to diagnose and fix cars, light trucks, and other types of vehicles.

What Does A Computer Programmer Do?

What do computer programmers do? It can be lonely in the world of computer programming. Many in the profession work from their home offices…

What Does a Diesel Mechanic Do?

What can a diesel mechanic do? You work hard, and you get dirty; but, that’s all in a day’s work. The bigger the vehicle you’re working on, the better. Buses, trucks, and…

Becoming A Licensed Electrician

After graduating from high school and earning your diploma, or taking the GED course and passing, it takes from one to four years to become a licensed electrician.

What is Precision Production?

What Is Precision Production? There are many different types of products that take someone skilled in that field to create, from textiles to jewelry to clothing to furniture.

What Does a Motorcycle Mechanic Do?

What motorcycle mechanics do? You’re technically classified as a small engines mechanic but you specialize in motorcycles. Mopeds, motorcycles, dirt bikes, ATV’s are mostly what come into your shop. You may work for a dealership or have your own place

5 Reasons To Consider Trade School

Trade and vocational schools are on the cutting edge of becoming en vogue again, and for more than one excellent reason. But first you need to make sure trade school is the right path for you.

Trade School Financial Aid

Furthering your education can be expensive but it doesn’t have to be unaffordable. There are a few ways to get financial aid to lessen the burden. Financial Aid…

What Does A Surgical Tech Do?

Learn what a surgical technician is and what an ST does. Find out the steps to become a surgical technologist and how money much ST’s make.

Different Types of Mechanic Careers

There are a variety of other job descriptions under the umbrella heading of mechanics that goes beyond the auto mechanic. The term “mechanic”…

What Does A Geological Technician Do?

Becoming a geological and petroleum technician will allow you to assist scientists and engineers. You’ll specialize in either lab work and fieldwork, or work in an office setting where you’ll analyze all the data.

What Does An Environmental Science Tech Do?

As an environmental science and protection technician, you’ll find yourself working in a variety of places such as a lab, in the field, or in an office. Depending on where you are will determine what you do

What Does A Computer Systems Analyst Do?

You’re also known as a systems architect. That means you take a hard, detailed look into a company’s computer system and see what you can do to make it operate in a more organized and efficient way

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