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Discover what skilled tradespeople do, how much they make, and the types of jobs their training can lead to.

What Does A Computer Systems Analyst Do?

You’re also known as a systems architect. That means you take a hard, detailed look into a company’s computer system and see what you can do to make it operate in a more organized and efficient way

What Does An Elevator Install & Repair Tech Do?

When an elevator, escalator, moving sidewalk, and other forms of people transport breaks down, it takes a specially trained, skilled worker to get the faulty piece of equipment up and running again so that the masses can move along with their day

What Does A Wind Turbine Technician Do?

Wind turbine technicians receive a median annual salary of over $53K. However, when you’re first entering the field, your starting salary will be closer to $40K.

What Does An Administrative Assistant Do?

If you’re highly organized, great with people, and have a way with the written word, then you would make a very fine administrative assistant. You could work in the corporate world, for a lawyer, in the medical industry, or anywhere…

What Does an Operations Manager Do?

Are you a natural-born leader who can breezily manage and deal with people? Are your communication skills impeccable? Are you equally good at giving and following direction?

What Does a Sociologist Do?

Many sociologists are professors and teachers. They also find careers as statisticians, policy analysts, and survey researchers. A very closely related profession is political science.

What an Aerospace Engineer Tech Does

Your dream has always been to spend your life around crafts that jet through the skies. Good news. You only need an associate’s degree to step foot into the rewarding career of aerospace engineer and operations tech.

What a Veterinary Assistant Does

Becoming a veterinary assistant is a fairly quick process. There is no required schooling for it. However, many veterinarians prefer to hire applicants that have a high school diploma or GED.

What A Real Estate Agent Does

As a real estate agent, you’ll be helping to sell or rent out residential dwellings or commercial properties. You can be a seller’s agent, meaning you represent the owner of the property

What Does An Industrial Mechanic Do?

There are many factories, all filled with different types of machines relevant to whichever industry they’re used for. Those machines break down, and it takes an industrial mechanic, machine mechanic, or millwright

What A Statistician Does

You like the order, consistency, and certainty that numbers provide. They give you exacts that you can analyze and interpret in order to draw a conclusion. A career as a statistician could very well be your calling in life.

How To Choose A Trade School

You’ve explored your career options and have decided that trade school is the route for you. Perhaps you’ve realized that paying for college doesn’t give you a guaranteed return on your investment. Or, maybe the traditional college path just isn’t your thing. Whatever...

ASE H Series Transit Bus Practice Tests

These ASE H series transit bus mechanic certification practice tests are designed to test your knowledge of the material in the ASE transit bus study guide. "To identify and recognize those Transit Bus Technicians who demonstrate knowledge of the skills necessary to...

Types of Criminal Justice Programs

The different types of accredited criminal justice and law enforcement certificates available through local and online colleges include Corrections Officer, Loss Prevention, …

15 Types of Skilled Trade Apprenticeships

Going into a registered apprenticeship will have you working and learning from day one; you earn as you learn. And, the more experience you get, the more your paycheck…

Medical Practice Tests

Try a variety of medical practice tests including medical assistant certification (CMA), certified coding specialist, pharmacy technician, phlebotomy practice test and others.

What Does a Marine Mechanic Do?

What does a marine mechanic do? It’s a marine mechanic’s job to make sure all types of water crafts are working optimally. A day in your life, should you become a marine…

Why College Accreditation is Important

Going to a school that isn’t accredited can hurt your academic success since you probably won’t be able to transfer these credits to an accredited school.

What a Commercial Pilot Does

What’s the difference between an airline and commercial pilot? A pilot is not a pilot by any other name. In fact, there are huge differences between a commercial and airline pilot.

What a Communications Technician Does

What is a communications technician? If there’s a need for an equipment install or issue, then you’re the one doing and solving. Your duties will vary…

What is Drafting?

What is technical drafting? Technical drafting is also referred to as technical drawing. It’s a drawing that is used to represent an idea or…

What is Nursing Science?

What is considered nursing science? Nursing is considered both an art and a science, with the science side being the more obvious of the two.

What Does an Energy Technician Do?

What is an energy technician? Renewable energy is energy from potentially unlimited natural sources such as the wind, sun, water, heat, and other forms.

What a First Responder Does

What is a medical first responder? EMTs and paramedics are considered first responders. When there is any type of emergency needing medical assistance,…

What an Audio Visual Technician Does

What are audio visual technician job duties? Were you constantly tinkering with the family sound system and television, on a mission to make it have a more enjoying audio…

What a Correctional Officer Does

You’ll be working in jails and various other types of correctional facilities on a federal, state, or local government level. As part of the law enforcement community, you need to be…

Welder Training, Classes & Salary

Welder training requirements and job requirements are not the same everywhere and can vary by State, school and employer. Most technical colleges and employers…

Federal Loans for Trade School

Federal Student loans can help cover the cost of college but they must be repaid, many times with a high interest rate. Two US Department of Education loans are…

What Does a Nail Technician Do?

What does a nail technician do? You’re considered a beauty specialist, and you pretty up the fingers and toes of your clients. As a nail technician, nails are your canvas; …

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