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This list of fast trade school programs includes those ranging from about 1 month to 1 year in length. The following programs don’t take a lot of time or money to complete and a few of them can even be taken online. The jobs these trade school programs lead to have good salaries and that information is noted below.

The salaries listed below are the average pay from the official BLS website. Keep in mind, entry level pay is less, but as you gain experience, your paycheck will increase to match. In some areas the jobs listed, like truck driver and HVAC technician are moving very fast and have been paying more than this list would indicate. Find a local trade school now.

Truck Driver

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Diesel Mechanic

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Medical Assistant

Find a medical assistant school near you.

Dental Assistant

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Home Health Aide

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Medical Coder

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Certified Nursing Assistant

HVAC Technician

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Find a phlebotomy school near you.


The program times listed are estimates based on hours of credit needed or other references from our partner trade schools and technical colleges. I will probably add to this list so check back periodically.

Last edit of salaries from BLS was: 04/04/20

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